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Students help restart schools after Corona

Schools start teaching all classes again as the pandemic subsides. It is becoming apparent that the digital learning phase during the pandemic did not always offer the optimal learning situation for all learners, whether for technical, motivational or social reasons. Learning alone at home does not always provide the opportunities and assistance that are needed!

More than 70 students in the master's program in special education, who acquired capabilities in evidence-based measures of support as part of their studies in the Learning Department of the Institute for Special and Rehabilitation Education (Alissa Schüürmann, Clemens Hillenbrand and Anna-Maria Hintz), are now involved in support services in schools and daycare centers in the region. They currently offer support in the areas of motivation, learning and working behavior, and social and emotional skills in addition to support measures in academic learning. The progress and learning achievement of the students are also evaluated by the teacher students, who then give feedback to the learners.

In this way, the students simultaneously fulfill an examination requirement of their special education teaching degree program and acquire practical competencies in special education support. The results of all projects are presented in a joint presentation afternoon at the beginning of the winter semester, specialists from the field are invited and mutual suggestions are shared. The students gain experiences and develop many materials that can be used in their professional careers.

(Alissa Schürrmann/ Clemens Hillenbrand)

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