Systematic Theology

Ongoing research projects:

  • Interconfessional Theological Work Group, last conference: Anthropocentrism. Humans, animals and machines in theological discussion
  • Research on the U.S. Civil Rights Movement: Bridging the Black Freedom Struggle: German and U.S.-American Perspectives (C. Branković, D. Gautier).
  • narrt. Network of Religious Education and Theology Critical of Anti-Semitism and Racism (D. Gautier)

Post-doc project:

Nature and creation in the Reformed theological tradition (Dominik Gautier)

Dissertation project:

  • Jacqueline Jüling: German Orientalism Discourse and Interreligious Dialogue - Divergence or Convergence? 
  • Matthias Gran: Christian Demonology as a Plausibility Model for Religious Experience. An investigation of the demonologies of the early Christian apologists Justin, Tatian, Athenagoras and Tertullian (at the University of Münster)

Completed research projects:

  • Co-application and membership in the DFG graduate school ”Selbst-Bildungen”. Practices of Subjectification in Historical and Interdisciplinary Perspective (Ulrike Link-Wieczorek), 2010-2019
  • Membership in the DFG network ”Gabe”. Contributions of Theology to an Interdisciplinary Field of Research (Ulrike Link-Wieczorek, Head: Veronika Hoffmann), 2010-2014
  • Membership in the DFG network ”Schuld ertragen”. The Church and its Guilt (Ulrike Link-Wieczorek, Dominik Gautier, Head: Julia Enxing), 2015-2018.


  • Carina Branković, Constructions of Ritual and Critique of Religion in George Tabori's Holocaust Drama The Cannibals (New York City 1968) and The Cannibals (West Berlin 1969) (completed, URL: http://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/volltextserver/26832/)
  • Dominik Gautier, The Ambivalence of Realism. Reinhold Niebuhr's Theological Ethics in a Perspective Critical of Racism (completed, publication in preparation)
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