Programme Manager

Dr. Susanne Elpers
Officer for Early Career Researchers with a focus on Postdocs and Equal Opportunities

Target group: Female doctoral candidates in the qualifying phase and early postdoctoral researchers* (max. 3 years after the doctorate)
Mentors: UOL internal and external professors, leaders from business, industry, culture
Duration: 12 months
Number of participants: 6-8 mentoring partnerships
Start: Q4 2021
Fee: Participation is free of charge

The programme is expected to start in autumn 2021. Further details will be announced on this page in good time.

Doctoral candidates who are close to completing their doctorate and postdoctoral researchers who are still at an early stage often have not yet reached a definitive decision as to where their career path should lead or do not know exactly what steps are necessary to achieve their goal. By exchanging experiences with colleagues in a similar situation and with experienced people who have followed similar paths and hold attractive positions, questions about their own career orientation can be clarified particularly well.

The programme ‘Potentiale. Career orientation and planning for female researchers’ is aimed in particular at highly qualified women* who want to successfully continue their career either in academia or research, but are still looking for the perspective that suits them. Participation in the mentoring programme can help with orientation. Female researchers* who were the first in their family to attend university are expressly invited to apply.

One-to-one mentoring partnerships last for twelve months and form the driving force of professional development at this stage. For this reason, mentoring partnerships must be carefully prepared and are orientated entirely to the needs of the mentee. For example, experiences gained by people who were the first in their family to attend university could be addressed, if desired.

The mentoring partnership is complemented by a supporting programme that allows the mentees to reflect on the individual mentoring partnership and personal development with their peers and a professional coach. The supporting programme includes a preparatory workshop, a kick-off workshop, an interim workshop and a final workshop, as well as the opportunity to take part in individual coaching sessions with the trainer.

In addition, workshops, discussion evenings or lectures, which are organized according to the wishes of the mentees, offer the opportunity to acquire complementary interdisciplinary knowledge and to network with one another.

Both mentees and mentors receive a certificate at the end of the mentoring programme.

The programme coordinator will be happy to assist prospective mentors with questions and advice.

*This refers to all persons who identify as female researchers. This explicitly includes trans*, inter* and non-binary people who identify as female. Female researchers with a disability will be given priority in the application procedures. The term ‘mentor’ also refers to all people who want to take on this task, regardless of their gender identity.

Preliminary schedule and content

Potentials. Career orientation and planning for female researchers*
(Details may be subject to change to meet the needs of mentees and mentors and will be announced in good time.)








Call for applications (request for letters of motivation, CV, application form with possible mentors) and programme applications on the Graduate Academy website



Introductory interviews

VP N, central equal opportunities officer (or representative), coordinator and representative of professional development/organizational development section (PEOE)


Invitation of mentees



Preparatory workshop for mentees (clarification of expectations, objectives and preparation for the selection of mentors) Coordination of additionally desired workshops or lecture topics; if applicable Introduction to peer coaching)

Trainer and coordinator


Mentor recruitment

VP N and coordinator


Organization of the desired workshops/lectures


12/2021 – 1/2022

Initial mentee–mentor meeting

Mentee and mentor

01/2022 – 09/2022

Regular mentoring meetings (approximately every 4-6 weeks for 1.5 to 2 hours)

Mentee and mentor


Kick-off event for mentees and mentors

VP N, central equal opportunities, coordinator, trainer + external speaker


Individual coaching appointments



Interim workshop for mentees (reflection on past mentoring experiences)



Workshop or lecture

By arrangement


Individual coaching



Final workshop and ceremony for mentees and mentors, presentation of certificates

VP N, central equal opportunities officer, trainer, coordinator

Application procedure

The application procedure consists of two phases:

Please send us the completed application form  with a short letter of motivation by XX.XX.XXXX (max. 1 page), in which you discuss your current professional situation and your career development goals.

Following the evaluation by the selection committee, a short introductory interview will take place (approx. 20 minutes).

The further procedure will be explained with the subsequent notification.

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