Almke Ratjen


Marion zur Brügge

+49 (0)441 798-5462

+49 (0)441 798-2399

ÖCO 2-104

Postal address Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg 26111 Oldenburg

Visiting address ÖCO Centre Uhlhornsweg 99 b 26129 Oldenburg

Office of the Board

In the Office of the Presidential Board, we work as a team to provide all members of the Presidential Board with the best possible support in carrying out their duties. This includes, for example, the coordination of appointments, the coordination of the Executive Board meeting, the approval of representation expenses and the administration of university memberships. We also deal with higher-level and strategic topics or cross-cutting topics and tasks of the President and the Presidium.

Team GSP




Climate Protection Management

Office President

Office VP-V

Office VP-L

Office VP-F

Office VP-N

Almke Ratjen
Head of the office


Christina Siebolds
Advisor to the Vice President for Administration and Finance (VP-V)
Deputy Head of GSP

Alke Freese
Personal advisor to the President

Heike König
Office of the President


Jennifer Rohe
Office of the President


Marion zur Brügge
Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance (VP-V)


Annette Maurer
Office of the Vice President for Instruction (VP-L)

Lisa Witte
Office of the Vice President for Research and Transfer (VP-F)

Lisa Witte
Office of the Vice President for Academic Career Paths, Equal Opportunities and International Affairs (VP-N)

Julia Berkle
Office of the Presidential Board

Dorit Barz
Advisor to the Presidential Board

Anna Krämer
Advisor for University Climate Protection Management (VP-V)

Andrea Klahsen
Advisor for university climate protection management (VP-V) specialising in mobility

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