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Simple language

We are the university in Oldenburg. The university is called: Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. It is pronounced like this: Karl von Os-sje-ts-ki.

On this page you will find information about what we do for climate protection. This topic has been important to us for a long time.

About climate protection and sustainability

In the world, there are more days with heavy rain or with intense heat. And the world is getting warmer. That is the: Climate change.

Climate change does not just happen. People live in such a way that climate change occurs. Climate change occurs because there are too many gases in the air. For example, through exhaust fumes from cars or chimneys.

Climate change is bad for many animals and plants. They have adapted to the climate. They can no longer live well in their places when the climate changes.

In many other places it becomes hot and dry. That's why fruits and plants dry up in the fields. There is too little food.

That's why climate protection is important:

  • to protect animals and plants.
  • so that people can live on earth for a long time.

You have to make good decisions. And you also have to think about the future. Decisions should also be good for the climate and for people later on. This is called: Sustainability.

What are we doing for climate protection?

As a university, we can do something for climate protection in many areas. We can do research and teach students students. And we can pay attention to climate protection in our work. We also want to be a role model for others. We show in this text: What are we doing for climate protection? What ideas do we have?

Volunteering by students

Students can participate in many projects and groups. You can find more info here: Projects and groups for students. The page is not in plain language

Info about this text

We only write the words for men. It's easier to read. For example: student and researcher. We also mean:

  • Women.
  • People who don 't feel like a woman or a man.
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