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Student Initiatives

Student engagement plays a decisive role at the University of Oldenburg and sustainability and climate protection initiatives and projects in particular are often initiated and co-designed by students. The topic is addressed within the university committees as well as by voluntary initiatives and groups.

Student sustainability initiatives and actors

The Sustainability Department of the AStA is working on structurally anchoring sustainability principles at all levels of the university. This includes, among other things, the establishment of a central sustainability office, co-designed by students, to coordinate sustainable development towards a climate-neutral university, the accreditation of the university as a FairTrade University or the establishment of a campus garden, a Fairteiler for food and the operation of the AStA Land.

Under the motto "Think. Act. Transform. the NachDenkstatt offers a transdisciplinary working platform in which actors and experts from science and practice work together with students on various sustainability-relevant topics. The core of the initiative is a three-day workshop conference, in which socially relevant approaches to previously defined problems are to be found together, which are scientifically sound and at the same time practical. Furthermore, the NachDenkstatt is embossed by a creative and inclusive framework programme.

Students for future are students from various colleges and universities in German-speaking countries. Based on scientific findings, they recognise the climate crisis as an existential and globally massively unjust threat to people and societies worldwide. They are fighting for a future worth living for all and for climate justice. That is why they are part of Fridays for Future and are also international, non-partisan, autonomous and decentralised.

sneep stands for "student network for ethics in economics and practice" and as a student network forms an interface between science, economics and politics. The association has set itself the goal of stimulating critical discourse on ethical and sustainable economics in theory and practice. As a multidisciplinary network of students, trainees, doctoral candidates and young professionals, sneep wants to bring sustainability and ethics more into business and science. sneep wants to encourage people to think outside the boundaries of classical economics and thus show possibilities for economic activity in the 21st century.

Foodsharing is an initiative against the waste of food and groceries. It is about saving food that would otherwise end up in the rubbish. A Fairteiler is a place where everyone is allowed to bring food and take it from there free of charge. The open-air fair divider at our university was created in cooperation with Foodsharing and the University of Oldenburg and is available for everyone to pick up food, such as fruit and vegetables and baked goods, or to share food that you can no longer use yourself. In addition, the Fairteiler is regularly supplied with rescued food by food savers.

Students can come to the bicycle workshop free of charge with a defective bicycle (but also other things) and repair them themselves. Tools, small parts (normal shop prices) and used parts are offered there. The bicycle self-help workshop is run by students interested in bicycles who try to help with repairs as best they can. In addition, bikes, cargo and children's trailers or a cargo bike can be rented there at cost price.

A campus garden is being planted on a 100m2 area on the Haarentor campus under the auspices of the AStA and as part of a seminar in the winter term 2021/22. This will not only make the campus more ecological, but also give many students the opportunity to garden when their own living situation does not allow it. The garden is planned, planted and maintained jointly.

The AStA Land is a student garden in the immediate vicinity of the Wechloy and Haarentor campuses. This is an open urban gardening project, financed by the AStA of Oldenburg University. On the AStA land, students have the opportunity to take over a patch sponsorship. There is also the possibility to work on patches in small groups.

Other student initiatives and groups

The Unikino Gegenlicht is a student project consisting of a colourful mix of students and non-students that offers extraordinary film screenings every Wednesday at the university. All those interested in film, design, technology and programme orga or nerds to the clueless are always welcome to help shape the Unikino.

CAMPUSRADIO Oldenburg takes on the challenge of making radio for all those who listen to the radio, but also for everyone else. Since 2013, the initiative has been cooperating with the local radio station Oldenburg Eins. Twice a month, on Thursdays from 6 p.m., it broadcasts a radio programme that is discussed, planned and produced with dedication, creativity and a lot of love. For all those who cannot tune in live on the broadcast days, there is also a podcast.

The theatre workshop offers all students the opportunity to enter the Oldenburg University Theatre. The basics of acting and staging are taught. In addition to improvisation exercises, the students take short scenes from plays and work on various realisations. The OUT is aimed at actors and actresses and anyone who would like to try their hand at lighting and stagecraft, costume, make-up, directing and assistant directing. A play is then put on stage at the beginning of the following semester.

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