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The Climate Newsletter provides brief information about the latest activities of the university in the field of climate protection and sustainability. It is published at irregular intervals. Please register to stay up to date.

Climate Action and Sustainability

Sustainability issues and commitment have a long tradition in teaching, research and operations at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. In terms of sustainability and climate protection, the university is active in a wide variety of ways and consciously assumes its role model function for the region and society. Whether in administration by switching to renewable energies or providing bicycle parking spaces, or in the context of research projects as well as teaching - the topic of climate protection and sustainability is deeply rooted throughout the university. There are also a large number of sustainability initiatives at the student level.


Student initiatives

There are numerous opportunities for students to volunteer at the university - for sustainability, climate protection and beyond.

You can find an overview of student initiatives and groups here.

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