Driving service / wheelchair taxi

The following providers offer transportation services for disabled persons:

Taxi und Mietwagen Eispert


Rollstuhl Mobil


Rolli & Scooter-Mobil Menzel


Malteser Sandkrug


Malteser Driving Service



Johanniter Driving Service

Disabled access information


In the parking garages and outside areas of the university, designated and freely accessible parking spaces for severely disabled persons are available for those who meet the requirements (blue special parking permit, severely disabled person's permit with the signs aG or Bl). These parking spaces are secured by barriers. To get access, please get in touch with Mathias Pätzold at Division 4, building management or, if he is not available, with Philipp Gronotte. A severely disabled person's card with the above-mentioned characteristics is required.

In justified exceptional cases, special permits can also be granted to individuals who have no severely disabled person's card. Please send an informal application to the severely disabled persons' representative (EN).

If you would like personal advice on parking, e.g. because you have a temporary mobility issue, please contact the advisor for disabled and chronically ill students at Studentenwerk Oldenburg (EN).

Parking spaces for severely disabled persons are marked on the campus maps for both Campus Haarentor and Campus Wechloy.

Public transport

All Oldenburg buses can accommodate wheelchairs. Timetables and route maps in large print are available from the VWG on request.

Oldenburg Central Station has been remodelled to comply with disability suitability standards and has a guiding system for the blind. Wechloy Train Station, on the other hand, has not been designed to be barrier-free yet.

If you need assistance getting on or off the train, you should register this with the Deutsche Bahn Mobility Service Centre in advance.

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