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Prof. Dr. Cornelia Hamann



Born in Hamburg, Germany

mother of two children

hobbies: skiing, swimming, tennis
and writing (not of linguistic papers)

Education and Qualifications

1972-1978 Studies in English and Mathematics, University of Freiburg

1982 Doctorate in English Linguistics, University of Freiburg

1991 Certificat de spécialisation, University of Geneva

1998 Habilitation in General Linguistics, University of Tübingen

Research and Teaching Positions

1980-1986 University of Freiburg

1992-2003 University of Geneva

1998 Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics

2003-2020 University of Oldenburg

Guest Professor at the University of Tours (France) 2006, 2008 and 2009 at the University of Siena (Italy) 2008 (Erasmus).

Memberships and Reviewing

DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft);  IASCL (International Association for the Study of Child Language); GLOW (Generative Linguistics Old World)

Regular reviewer for Child Language, Language Acquisition, Frontiers, and the following conferences: Boston University Conference on Child Language Development, GALA; GALANA; Gasla

Recent conferences

ISB 8 (Oslo, 2011), GALA (Thessaloniki, 2011), BUCLD 2011 (Plenary), GALA (Oldenburg, 2013), NWLK (Oldenburg und Bremen, 2008-2015), COST meetings IS 0804 (Amsterdam, Newcastle, Malta, Krakow 2009-2013), DGfS (Marburg 2014), MORLANG/IGG (Perugia, 2015), ISB 10 (New Brunswick, 2015), BISLI (Tours, 2015), Romance turn (Venice, 2015), ISES IX (Heidelberg, 2016), Canada-Germany Workshops: Child, Youth and Family Refugees (CYCC-Network, Berlin & Ottawa, 2016), Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference (Menorca, 2017), Language and Literacy Workshop (Toronto, 2017, 2019), SRT Workshop (Konstanz, 2019), GALA (Milano, 2019), BUCLD (2019, 2020), BISLI (Galloway 2020)

Together with E. Ruigendijk Organiser of GALA 2013 in Oldenburg.


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