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Prof. Dr. Martin Butler

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Martina Henschel-Roth, Heike Hillmer, Stefanie Lefherz

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Erasmus and Exchange Students

If you are interested in spending a semester or longer in Oldenburg as an exchange or visiting international student, please contact the International Student Office and check out the additional information available here.

Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the programmes of the English and American Studies Department!


  • General enquiries about completing a degree in Oldenburg should be directed to the Immatrikulationsamt.
  • An overview of the English BA degree programme can be found here. Other degree programmes are linked in the sidebar.
  • If you did not attend school in Germany and have questions about studying for a full degree in Oldenburg, please contact the International Student Office. Official application enquiries should be directed here.
  • Information about the structure of the department's various degree programmes (eg. module progression etc) can be downloaded here.


The vast majority of the department's classes are held in English. We therefore expect you to have already acquired advanced competence in English before you begin your studies. As proof of your language ability we accept either an average of 11+ points in your Abitur (advanced level course) or the successful completion of one of the language tests mentioned in our entry requirements (Zugangsvoraussetzungen).

The only English language test meeting the department's entry requirements to be offered regularly at Oldenburg University is the TOEFL itp. Please check with the Sprachenzentrum for dates and fees.

(IELTS is also offered on an occasional basis.)

Unfortunately, we cannot assist applicants with information on times, places or fees for any of the tests. Please check the relevant online sources for the test that is most convenient for you.

The test results need to be sent to the Immatrikulationsamt before classes start, i.e. you can hand them in later than your application but you need the certificate before your enrollment is complete and you can start your studies. Please check with the Immatrikulationsamt for the exact deadlines - they can change slightly from year to year.

(Do give yourself plenty of time to complete a test, as the timeslots can fill quite quickly and in a worst-case scenario you may need to take a test more than once!)

Note that you must meet the language requirements in their entirety, as we do not round up.

For specific questions relating to the entry requirements, especially for native speakers of English, please contact the Fachsoztude0l0yienberatungizeqn (fachsturztmdiu/nenbebqrat3kung.anvoxglistik@gqquol.pindeta).

If you need further advice or have questions about studying Engish not answered elsewhere on this website, please contact the Student Advisory Service or send an email (


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