Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Anton Kirchhofer

Administrative Staff

Rita Bartels
Heike Hillmer
Stefanie Lefherz (Currently out of office)
Alexandra von Gösseln

Keti Antadze-Tamminga (EMMIR)
Martina Henschel-Roth (EMMIR)

Please contact the individual administrative staff.

+49 (0)441 798 3771

office hours: Mon & Wed, 10:00 – 12:00 & 2:00 - 3:00


Building A6 2nd floor 216-217

Student Council:

Building A6 Ground floor 017

+49 441 798-4453

Institute for English and American Studies

Our department offers a diverse range of degree programmes that enable our students to follow their own interests in both research and teaching and to go on to be successful in a wide variety of academic careers and professions. In addition, the department also coordinates the EMMIR programme - European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations.

Students enrolling in our Bachelor and Master programmes have the opportunity to study the languages, literatures and cultures of the Anglophone world and to acquire the didactic methods and language competence required to teach these subjects.

In addition to instruction in the basic linguistic, literary and cultural theories, the various sections of our department specialize in a number of topical issues from different academic subfields.

With approximately 1000 students and a current staff of 20 permanent professors and lecturers, our department provides a close-knit atmosphere and the opportunity for individual mentoring and supervision. Its compact size encourages an active student life, with the student union organizing socials, both on and off campus.

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