Head of Section

Andreas Meyenburg



Division 2.3 - Team

Head of Section

Andreas Meyenburg

General Ledger

Eva-Maria Tangemann

Asset Accounting

Tobias Börger

Gero Wilkens

Accounts Payable Accounting

Armin Adam

Tobias Börger

Ulrike Harms

Meike Kroll

Brigitte Langer

Nadine Meyerholz

Heike Schaefer

Birgit Emmi Schramm

Kevin Stellmann

Travel Expenses, on company business

Inga Engel

Heike Thiede

Section 2.3 - Financial Accounting

We document all transactions which are related to the annual financial statement.

The annual financial statement is compiled by the main accounting section.

We support the annual audit, which is conducted by an external auditing company. 

Another aspect of our work is accounts payable and ensuring that all invoices are processed for payment in good time.

The assets accounting department also processes invoices and maintains an inventory of equipment and systems which is updated and verified on a continual basis. The section is involved in reporting and analysing the development of university assets for the annual financial statement.

The travel expenses department is also part of the financial accounting section and provides information and assistance relating to statutory travel expenses procedures. The travel expenses department also processes travel expenses claims.

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