Lauren Freede

Lauren Freede


  • Lecturer in English Language Practice (Sprachpraxis)

Institute of English and American Studies  (» Postal address)

Aktuell: My office hour in SoSe21 will be on Mondays from 12:30-13:30, starting April 19th. (I have an additional timeslot in the first week of semester on Thur. April 15th, also from 12:30-13:30.) Please sign up on Stud.IP and I will be in touch with the link to the chat room. Other times by appointment only - please send me an e-mail. Dr Auguscik and I will also be offering an open stay abroad office hour every two weeks, starting April 20th, via the the course "Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad" (3.02.086). Please sign up there to a) see if your question has been answered there first; b) post a question to the form; and c) be able to make a stay abroad office hour appointment!

A06 2-221 [currently working from home] (» Adress and map )

SoSe21, from 19/4: Mondays, 12:30-13:30 - teaching and Erasmus; Tuesdays (fortnightly) - stay abroad. Please sign up via Stud.IP to receive a link to the chat room.

+49 441 798-2349  (F&P

Lauren Freede

Administrative responsibilities:

  • Module coordinator, modules ang080 and ang900
  • Coordinator, digital language assignments for ang080
  • Departmental equality officer (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte)
  • Departmental Erasmus+ coordinator (study abroad and internship) and European free mover advisor
  • Stay abroad credit: language practice; general stay abroad (as substitute only)

Research interests:

  • Media in language teaching (esp. podcasting, voiceover and subtitles)
  • Digital task and exercise design (esp. for grammar and lexis)
  • Academic writing - needs analysis

(In German studies, largely prior to 2018)

  • Classical music and national identity
  • Identity in autobiographical writing


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