Lauren Freede

Lauren Freede


  • Lecturer in English Language Practice (Sprachpraxis)

Institute of English and American Studies  (» Postal address)

Aktuell: My regular office hour in WiSe21-22 (online via BBB) will take place on Tuesdays, 9:45-10:45 [regular office hour], or as discussed in class. Please sign up on Stud.IP and I will be in touch with the link to the chat room. Other times by appointment only - please send me an e-mail. ADDITIONAL NOTE: The open stay abroad office hours - via the the course "Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad" (3.02.086) - will begin again from October 26th and will take place every second week from 14:30-15:15. Please sign up there to (a) see if your question has been answered there first; (b) post a question to the forum; and (c) be able to make a stay abroad office hour appointment!

A06 2-221 [currently working from home] (» Adress and map )

WiSe21-22 - Tuesdays, 9:45-10:45 (weekly); Tuesdays 14:15-15:30 (fortnightly from 26/10 - stay abroad only))

+49 441 798-2349  (F&P

Lauren Freede

Administrative responsibilities:

  • Module coordinator, modules ang080 and ang900
  • Coordinator, digital language assignments for ang080
  • Departmental equality officer (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte)
  • Departmental Erasmus+ coordinator (study abroad and internship) and European free mover advisor
  • Stay abroad credit: language practice; general stay abroad (as substitute only)

Research interests:

  • Media in language teaching (esp. podcasting, voiceover and subtitles)
  • Digital task and exercise design (esp. for grammar and lexis)
  • Academic writing - needs analysis

(In German studies, largely prior to 2018)

  • Classical music and national identity
  • Identity in autobiographical writing


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