Academic advisor:

Prof. Dr. Esther Ruigendijk

+49 (0)441 798-4695

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Study coordinator Faculty III:

Nicole Griese

+49 (0)441 798-2300




Study and Research

The various philologies at the University of Oldenburg are active in a variety of research areas using a wide range of research methods, ranging from phonetics to sociolinguistics and using both formal and functional approaches. The research areas can be divided into 3 main areas of linguistic research:

(1) Oldenburg's Psycholinguistics research is primarily concerned with first and second language acquisition, language (acquisition) disorders, and language processing.

(2) Language systems research in Oldenburg deals with questions of linguistic change, both with a cross-level perspective and focused on individual linguistic structural levels. A special feature of Oldenburg's language system research are the research areas of intonation and graphematics.

(3) Finally, Oldenburg's language contact research deals with the phenomenon of the emergence of mixed forms of speech, focusing in particular on the mixture of genetically closely related varieties. This area is directly related to the focal points (1) and (2).

In addition to individual research projects, there are also several larger projects in which linguists at the University of Oldenburg collaborate with other research partners. These projects are not only local, but also (inter)national and interdisciplinary. Students are actively encouraged to participate in ongoing research.

An overview of ongoing projects can be found under "Projects", past projects under "Completed Projects". Ongoing dissertation projects are outlined under "Dissertations"; completed dissertations can be found under "Completed Dissertations". An overview of upcoming and past conferences at the University of Oldenburg can be found under the menu item "Conferences".

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