Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann

Prof. Dr. Martin Fränzle (deputy)


Jürgen Niehaus


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Research Center Human-Cyber-Physical-Systems
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26129 Oldenburg

Living Labs

Living Labs

RC HCPS supports creation and extention of five Living Labs, which are used to test and analyse technical innovations in real world environments:

Living Lab eMIR

NameeMIR: eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform
Operated byUniversität Oldenburg, OFFIS Institut für Informatik
Short descriptionContinuous co-simulation environment and test field installations on  land and water in the German Bight for developing maritime navigation and  assistance systems
WebsiteeMaritime Platform

Living Lab AIM

NameAIM: Anwendungsplattform Intelligente Mobilität
Operated byDLR-TS; compatible extensions at Universität Oldenburg
Short descriptionVirtual test environments, special test labs, driving  simulators, analytic technology, test tracks in real-traffic situations and server systems for research into  intelligent mobility solutions are at the core of the DLR‘s  Living Lab in Braunschweig. The test and simulation  environments at the University of Oldenburg were  designed to harmonise with it.
WebsiteAnwendungsplattform Intelligente Mobilität

Living Lab Smart City

NameSmart City Oldenburg
Operated byUniversität Oldenburg, OFFIS Institut für Informatik, DLR-VE
Short descriptionDemonstrator and test field for multiple applications in urban environments integrating energy supply,  healthcare and traffic systems (under construction)

Living Lab Health

NameLiving Lab Gesundheitsversorgung
Operated byUniversität Oldenburg, OFFIS Institut für Informatik
Short descriptionSimulators and test environments for  “Ambient Assisted Living“ for the elderly as well as the emergency care and  operating theatres of the future

Living Lab SESA

NameSESA: Smart Energy Simulation and Automation Laboratory
Operated byUniversität Oldenburg, OFFIS Institut für Informatik
Short descriptionSimulation and analysis environments as well as tools for studying large-scale, intelligent power grids under real-life conditions.


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