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Top News Research History

Point of entry into past centuries

Capturing "enemy" ships and their cargo was once considered a legitimate tactic of warfare - including an own jurisdiction. The open-access portal of…

Top News Marine Sciences Research

Pooling knowledge for safeguarding the oceans

Protecting the oceans and using them sustainably: This is the goal of the second research mission of the German Marine Research Alliance, which…

Eine junge Frau legt einer älteren Dame in ihrem Wohnzimmer kümmernd die Hand auf die Schulter.
Top News Research Medical ethics

Living with dementia: when carers live with patients

Relatives often hire a live-in caregiver for persons with dementia. The relationship between patient, carer and family members can lead to moral…

Two young women wearing a medical mask walk through a university building.
Top News Research Medical Physics and Acoustics

Face masks: Loss of lip-reading affects everybody

Deterioration in speech understanding when the speaker is wearing a mask mainly has visual causes. They are even more significant than the acoustic…

  A small brown bird IS sitting among the reeds.
Top News Research Biology

A stop sign for songbirds

A new study published in Science Magazine has shed light on how birds navigate back to their breeding site after flying across two continents.…

Excellence Strategy Research Top News Marine Sciences

Microbes produce oxygen in the dark

There would be no oxygen on Earth were it not for sunlight; the key component in photosynthesis. Now researchers have made the surprising discovery…

A pile of larger plastic pieces (broken beverage crates, a bobby car, lids from a trash can, baskets, canisters, pipes...) lies on dark volcanic stones.
Top News Marine Sciences Research

Support from space

More and more plastic litter accumulates in the oceans. Remote sensing specialist Shungudzemwoyo Garaba from the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of…

Porträtfoto Prof. Dr. Gerd Hentschel
Top News Research Slavic Studies

Languages provide a piece of home

Languages are often more variable than we imagine. In this interview, Slavic scholar Gerd Hentschel talks about German loan words in Upper Silesian…

Photos of the scientists honoured by the University Society.
Top News Research

Research that creates something new

Oldenburg neuroscientist Martin Bleichner has received this year's "Prize for Excellent Research" from the University Society. Two recent doctoral…

Enlarged view of the protein molecule
Top News Research Biology

Quantum Birds

New findings on magnetic sensing in birds are presented by an international team of researchers led by Oldenburg biologist Henrik Mouritsen. The…

Bild des Bugs des Forschungsschiffs Maria S. Merian im Hafen von Istanbul, Türkei.
Top News Research Marine Science

Sulfur enhances carbon storage in the Black Sea

A study led by Oldenburg researchers finds new explanation for the accumulation of organic compounds in oxygen-depleted marine areas. The effect could…

Close-up of the metal wings that make up the active grid.
Top News Research Physics

The wind turbines of the future – and their digital twins

The new "Offshore Megastructures" Collaborative Research Centre is developing concepts for massive offshore wind turbines. In two sub-projects,…

Portrait of physicist Jan Vogelsang
Research Top News Early Career Physics

In the spotlight

Physicist Jan Vogelsang uses innovative laser systems to study ultrafast processes. The University has awarded him a Carl von Ossietzky Young…

Picture of microphone array
Research Top News Medical Physics and Acoustics

Tracking down speech signals

Background noise, reverberations and acoustic feedback often hamper speech comprehension when technical devices are in use. Hearing researcher Simon…

Acropora coral
Research Marine Sciences Top News

Scientists successfully breed corals in the lab

Scientists at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) scored a success: in the aquariums in Wilhelmshaven they were…

EA young woman presents the prototype of the smart helmet: she wears virtual reality goggles and a shiny silver bicycle helmet.
Research Top News Computing Science

The power of data

Data has become one of the most important economic assets of the 21st century. Jorge Marx Gómez and a team of Oldenburg business informatics…

Portraitfoto des Chemikers Dmitry Momotenko
Research Top News Chemistry

The Batteries of the Future

Producing batteries in a completely new way is the goal of chemist Dmitry Momotenko. He has now started his research work at the university - funded…

Symbolic image: Person with stethoscope in hand.
Research Top News Health Services Research International affairs

Effective health services research beyond national borders

How do the different healthcare systems in Germany and the Netherlands affect the healthcare of individual citizens? In a new project, health…

laughing person sitting
Research Top News Economics

In the service of sustainability

The imperatives of ecology and the economy are often seen as contradictory. But for Jörn Hoppmann, Professor of Management at the Department of…

Artistic illustration of a wormhole.
Research Top News Physics

Microscopic wormholes possible in theory

Wormholes are hypothetical shortcuts between two distant points in space. In a new study, Oldenburg physicists show that microscopic, traversable…

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