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Photo of a bay off Kinge George Island, Antarctica. In the foreground are penguins on a grey pebble beach, in the background are mountains, partly covered with snow. On the water is an inflatable boat with researchers.
Top News Marine Sciences

Climate research at the far end of the world

Glaciers, penguins and whales: Antarctica has a special appeal - also for PhD student Lina Holthusen, who is currently conducting research there.…

Close-up of a bat with outstretched wings in nature.
Excellence Strategy Research Top News Biology

Migratory bats can detect the Earth’s magnetic field

Pipistrelle bats have a magnetic compass and calibrate it at sunset, according to a new study published in the journal Biology Letters. The research…

The picture shows Karin Fleischmann during the interview.
Campus Life

"One of the most beautiful libraries"

Karin Fleischmann works as a library administrator at the Departmental Library Wechloy. Originally from Franconia in southern Germany, one of the…

Die fünf Personen stehen nebeneinander vor der Treppe im Hörsaalzentrum.
Top News Higher Education Policy People

New Presidential Board from January

Katharina Al-Shamery, Andrea Strübind and Ralf Grüttemeier are to join the University's Presidential Board in January. Following their confirmation by…

Jubiläum Campus Life

New online store with university merchandise

Sustainable, fairly traded and durable: Shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags and much more in the University design or in a special anniversary edition are now…

The picture shows the award-winning lecturers between bookshelfes in the library.
Teaching Top News

University presents Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The University has presented six lecturers with its Award for Excellence in Teaching for the 2022/23 academic year. The jury was impressed by the…

World map with temperature anomalies
Sustainability Top News

“We need to act very fast”

The effects of climate change are increasingly evident. Reforms to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) could increase its impact and…

Two men assemble the accessories for the experiment.
Top News Physics International affairs

From Zakho to Oldenburg

How to design experiments for students based on current research in physics? In a joint project, Oldenburg researchers are helping a team from the…

Group photo of researchers and university staff in the foyer of the library on the occasion of the reception for international researchers.
Campus Life

Trying new things

International researchers are an integral part of the university community. But the decision to work far from home comes with its own challenges.…

Campus Life Study Affairs Theology

From a different era

Getting up at sunrise to excavate ancient relicts, bathing in the Jordan at noon, living at a kibbutz: What currently hardly seems imaginable was…

Close-up of leaves
Research Top News Biology

How kale is affected by cold temperatures

Researchers from Oldenburg and Bremen investigated the effect of environmental factors on genetically different varieties of kale.


Fountain pen makes a cross on a piece of paper
Research Top News Higher Education Policy

Your vote for science

The election of the members of the review boards of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the 2024-2028 period is under way. The voting ends on…

The info market in the foyer of the lecture hall centre. Students checking out the services on offer at a stand.
Top News

Welcome to the University

They study special needs education, environmental sciences or human medicine: almost 2000 first-year students are starting their studies at our…

The experimental setup consists of an electron spectrometer, a so-called filter wheel and light phenomena reminiscent of a fire.
Research Top News Physics

In the attosecond realm

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for breakthroughs in the field of attosecond physics. The new methods are also being used in Oldenburg…

The picture shows the plenary hall of the German Bundestag.
Top News Social Sciences

"Standing up for democracy"

Right-wing extremist attitudes are on the rise, trust in democracy appears to be fragile. In an interview, political educationalist Tonio Oeftering…

A field with several wind turbines, ground fog and sunset.
Research Energy Research Wind Physics Top News

How wind turbines react to turbulence

The output of wind turbines can rise or fall by 50 per cent in a matter of seconds. A new stochastic method could help to mitigate these sudden swings…

The AI-generated image shows anonymous people in a pedestrian zone.
University Medicine Top News Health Services Research

What your home region reveals about your cancer risk

For many types of cancer, the incidence rate is decreasing – but according to a new study some regions are benefiting considerably more from this…

The photo shows several participants of the excursion. They are standing on a mountain and looking into the distance. There are lakes and several hilltops.
Campus Life Environmental Sciences

In the land of the midnight sun

Unspoiled nature, vast lakes, reindeer everywhere – on a field trip to northern Sweden, students from various degree programmes were able to…

Sustainability Top News Higher Education Policy

The greenhouse-gas balance: a driver for climate action

A reliable basis for making climate-friendly decisions within the university has been created with the latest release of the greenhouse gas report.…

Sustainability Top News

Role model for sustainability

Commitment to sustainability has a long tradition at the University of Oldenburg. Now the university has been nominated for the German Sustainability…

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