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Five people in front of a meadow.
Research Top News People Chemistry International affairs

Exploring the world of disilenes

In April, Canadian scientist Kim Baines paid a visit to the Institute of Chemistry. She is a recipient of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award and…

A number of differently colored algal cells are spread across the image against a black background, some have tuftlike hairs. They are colonized by bacteria to varying degrees.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Diatoms provide an attractive habitat for bacteria

The surface of diatoms represents an astonishingly diverse habitat for bacteria. A team led by biologist Meinhard Simon has now made the preferences…

Close-up of the described scene.
Research Top News Biology

Deciphering the inner workings of a bacterium

The metabolism of a key environmental microbe has been elucidated in detail by a team led by microbiologist Ralf Rabus. This holistic understanding…

Portrait photo of Prof. Dr. Christiane Thiel.
Research Top News Higher Education Policy

Keeping science credible

What is good academic practice? In this interview, Christiane Thiel, Vice President for Research and Transfer, talks about a good error culture and…

A collage of three microscopic images of the creatures. The hydromedusa is a gelatinous, translucent mass, the copepod looks like a silverfish and the bristle worm has an abdomen like a caterpillar and a head with larger, sickle-shaped antennae.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Traces of diversity

Every litre of seawater is full of genetic material from different organisms. Biologist Silke Laakmann and her team are pioneering techniques that use…

Portrait photo Katharina Al-Shamery
Research Campus Life

Listen, advise, settle disputes

A good team: professor of chemistry Katharina Al-Shamery and sociology professor Martin Heidenreich are the university's Ombudspersons for Good…

The Orthodox St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
Research Ukraine Top News Theology

How the Russian Orthodox Church legitimises the war

What is the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the religious legitimation of Russia’s war against Ukraine? Theologist Joachim Willems presents an…

Scientist Leena Karrasch on a footbridge leading across salt marshes.
Research Sustainability Top News People

At the interface

Rising sea levels, groundwater salinisation and drier summers: the consequences of climate change affect the coastal areas of northern Germany. Leena…

Photo of Hornsund on Spitsbergen, Norwary, with the glacier Gasbreen, in the background and clouds over the mountains.
Research Top News Dutch Studies

A microcosm of language

Linguist Hans Beelen has linguistically analysed the notes in a journal of a Dutch Arctic expedition and found many peculiarities. Last summer, he…

Several wind turbines against the light at sunset.
Research Wind Physics Top News

New wind field models accurately describe wind gusts

Wind turbines are constantly exposed to turbulence. Researchers in Oldenburg have now made important progress in realistically simulating the…

Research Top News Physics

Generating indistinguishable photons on demand

Special light sources are needed to transmit information securely in quantum networks. Researchers from Oldenburg are involved in two projects in…

A flock of starlings against the winter evening sky.
Excellence Strategy Research Top News Biology

How animals find their way

The Collaborative Research Center "Magnetoreception and Navigation in Vertebrates” is going into its second phase: The German Research Foundation has…

A satellite image shows the Australian coast, the Pacific Ocean, some white clouds and the brownish dust cloud.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Travelling with the jetstream

Dust particles from central South America were the most important source of iron in the South Pacific during the last two ice ages. Researchers led by…

The three award winners on the evening of the ceremony holding their certificates.
Research Top News People

UGO awards go to three female scientists

The "Prize for Excellent Research" was awarded to human geographer Jennifer Turner and nutritionist Rebecca Diekmann, while the "Prize for Outstanding…

Frontal view into the laboratory, the wedges can be seen on all walls. A man is in the center of the room, standing on a net of wires.
Research Top News Medical Physics and Acoustics

A room without echoes

The door of the Anoechoic Lab on Wechloy Campus opens onto a world of silence. The key feature of the recently renovated acoustics lab is its huge…

Landscape with power lines and wind turbines on the horizon.
Research Top News Computing Science

Using AI to operate critical infrastructure autonomously

Developing an interdisciplinary approach to using artificial intelligence methods for the secure operation of critical infrastructure systems is the…

Singing bowl with two sticks on a table.
Research Top News Music

The positive effects of music

Can music improve the quality of life of people with disorders of consciousness? In her doctoral thesis, cognitive linguist Teresa Grimm examined this…

Collage of numerous small images, arranged in several rows on top of each other. The tiny particles described in the text can be seen.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Unlocking the secrets of glacier flour

Glacial meltwater carries thousands of tiny rock fragments into the sea. Using a special camera, researchers at the University of Oldenburg can make…

Research Top News Computing Science

Tricking neural networks

Can artificial intelligence (AI) methods reliably detect child pornography images on user devices? A study in which Oldenburg computer scientist…

Close-up of a high-performance computer. Rows of green LEDs and numerous cables can be seen.
Research Top News Physics

Optimizing wind flow simulations

Improved computer models are needed to build larger wind turbines and to manage wind farms more efficiently. A new research project led by wind…

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