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Three variants are offered to start training in the studiO. Variant 1 "Standard" is compulsory, Variants 2 "Introductory course" and 3 "Circular instruction" are optional.

It is mandatory to wear sportswear during all briefings.

A subscription for 1, 6 or 12 months can be taken out if you have already trained with us or have completed an instruction / introductory course.

Attention: You can register online for the standard instruction and the circular instruction. See the variants below for information.

Option 1: Introductory course

You will be introduced to the use of the equipment and to fitness training and provided with comprehensive support by a trainer in small groups (max. of four persons) for 1 ½ hours a week for five weeks. An individual training schedule specially matched to your personal training goals will also be prepared.

A 5-week course costs € 25.00 for students and € 30.00 for employees and external users. After just three sessions, you can also exercise outside the course times. If you then sign a contract, you will receive a credit for € 10.00 of the course fee.

This option is especially recommended for beginners.

Click here to register for a course (select the program; the course is located under “E”).


Option 2: Standard introduction to equipment

In this one-hour introduction you will be introduced to the use of equipment for weight and endurance training after a brief clarification of the related health risks and clarification of your personal training goals. This introduction is free of charge. To make a personal appointment, you must call us at 0441 798 4484 or visit us in person at the Fitness- und Gesundheitszentrum (Fitness and Health Centre) or at the Hochschulsportbüro (University Sports Office).


Option 3: Introduction to circuit training

The Milon weight/endurance circuit enables you to exercise very effectively for power and endurance in just approx. 35 minutes. Your personal data will be stored on a chip card, which then automatically makes all settings on the equipment. In the initial circuit training session, first a brief clarification of the related health risks is carried out, then the use of the circuit training equipment is explained.

The introduction to the use of circuit equipment is free of charge, however the monthly fee increases by at least € 2.00 depending on the status and contract duration (see Prices/Business Hours).

(Changed: 2022-04-20)