Head of Civil Service Law and Professorial Appointment Procedures, Division 1

Anne-Kathrin Friedrich

Chief Administrator for Professorial Appointment Management, Division 1

Samira Sassi

Head of the Planning and Development Unit

Thorsten Schulz

Professorial Appointment Management

Welcome to the website of the central office of professorial appointment management at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.

The appointment of new professors is an important and effective tool for shaping the profile of the University of Oldenburg. The orientation of new professorships is closely coordinated with the university's structural and developmental planning efforts as well as the objectives of the schools.

Appointment procedures follow the principle of selecting the best, increasing international competitiveness and fulfilling the legally embedded equal opportunities mandate. In addition to ensuring formally and legally sound appointment procedures, quality management characterized by international standards promotes transparency and objectivity in selection processes. Internal appointment regulations govern the procedure.

The appointment management team supports all procedures, advising and assisting the deans, the appointment committees and the schools' administrators. Division 1 is exclusively responsible for monitoring compliance with employment law in these procedures.

On the following pages, you will find information for different target groups.

Externally available information for:

  • Applicants seeking answers to frequently asked questions, e.g. regarding the structure of the appointment procedure at the University of Oldenburg or the recruitment requirements.
  • Junior professors seeking information about the interim evaluation required by the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act.
  • Tenure-track professors interested in the process for appointment to a tenured professorship under civil service law.

Internally available information for members and affiliates of the university (if necessary, use a connection via Eduroam or the university's VPN client):

  • Invitations to hearings, open to the university community, in the context of appointment procedures.
  • Detailed descriptions of the individual procedural steps as well as supplementary information sheets and templates for preparing, implementing and monitoring appointment procedures for those responsible in the schools.
  • Other procedures for holding academic titles: information on awarding the title of adjunct professor and on appointing honorary professors.
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