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+49 441 798-5555
Please contact the IT Service Desk preferably by , as there is only one telephone line available. The IT Dienste will call you back if you leave your phone number.

Mo-Do 9:00-15:30 Uhr
Fr 9:00-12:00 Uhr

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Fast access to key IT services

Please use the IT services with a good sense of proportion, as the available resources are limited (current workload). Log off from the IT service and/or terminate the connection to the campus network if you do not need the IT service.

Please note that your work PC must be configured for use in your home office. Please  the IT-Dienste.

On the Internet and with your (mobile) end user device you can use Outlook on the web / webmail) (direct access: and the university cloud storage (direct access: / instructions). 
Cloud storage integrates OnlyOffice (instructions), which allows documents to be edited in the web browser without the need to download them to the end user device. The Talk component (chat and video conference) in cloud storage is primarily used for communication between employees in administration and research (instructions).

The web conferencing system BigBlueButton is integrated in Stud.IP and can additionally be accessed via This platform provides functions for teaching (video streaming) and research (chat and video conferencing) (instructions / Hochschuldidaktik). Please use the latest version of the Chrome or Firefox browser.
Students must use the additional server at
The web conferences created in BigBlueButton can be used for external communication. Please send the external participants the link to the meeting.
If there are participants who can only dial in by telephone, the conference room must be created in
Via you can access a server, which meets special security requirements. This server can only be used if the use was requested at the , stating the reasons.

On the Internet and with your private computer you can use the virtual desktop environment (VDI) (instructions). The number of virtual desktops is limited and is only intended for work environments with SAP and HIS access.
Alternatively, you can access your computer at the university via Remote Desktop (RDP) if it is a Windows 10 computer that is serviced by the IT Dienste (instructions).

A connection to the campus network with a computer provided by the university is established by means of a VPN connection (instructions).

(Changed: 04 Oct 2022)