Dr. Mark Pottek

Scientific Coordinator "Joint Research Academy"
Cluster of Excellence "Hearing4all"
Dept. Neurosciences, School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Room: W30 3-316
Phone: +49(0)441-798 5479



Courses and events

Neurosensory Science

Welcome to the PhD Study Programme "Neurosensory Science and Systems"

This three-year study programme addresses young researchers doing their PhD project in the Neurosciences. It provides training on research competence, skills concerning knowledge transfer and support for career planning. Currently, about 90 PhD students from such different fields as Physics, Biology, Psychology and Engineering are enrolled, setting the frame for interdisciplinary cooperation and ample networking opportunities.

Admission to the programme

Please apply at the Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology (OLTECH) by using the application form found here. You also need to enclose a number of documents as listed in the form (e.g. CV, Master certificate, outline of the PhD project, supervisor's statement,...).

Next application deadlines:
1 August 2022 for the winter semester 2022/2023
1 February 2023 for the summer semester 2023

In case you have missed the deadline, but would like to join courses of the study programme you are invited to contact us.

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)