Frank Haber
Psychological counsellor for students and staff

Gebäude A15, 1. OG, Raum 103

Psychological counselling service for employees

You are cordially invited to use of our free and confidential counselling service!

As employee, you are entitled to attend appointments during your regular working hours. And you can consult us remotely via phone or secure videochat!

Below, please find a few examples of many more personal and job-related concerns you can discuss with us:

  • Feeling psychologically disstressed and seeking advice on how to cope
  • Experiencing relationship difficulties and/or experiencing conflicts (personal or work-related) that should get managed and resolved
  • Suffering from perfectionistic concerns and improving expectations and stress management
  • Having difficulty to adjust and adapt as international member of staff/faculty
  • Being directly or indirectly affected by a loved one experiencing crisis or  mental illness
  • Etc.

Do not hesitate, request and appointment NOW!

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