RTG "Models of gravity"

PhD Program "Models of Gravity" (Research Training Group)

The main theme of the Research Training Group "Models of Gravity" (RTG, Graduiertenkolleg) is the study of models of gravity which, e.g., emerge as effective theories in the low energy limit of string theory or other approaches to quantum gravity. Beside the purely theoretical study of properties of these generalized models we also intend to discuss issues related to Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The studies mainly consist of first finding analytically or numerically solutions of the generalized Einstein equations in four and higher dimensions under various conditions and then characterizing the properties of these solutions, in particular, by studying the motion of test particles. The test particles may be classical point particles, particles with structure, or quantum fields. The obtained results are very important for practical applications like positioning, navigation, geodesy and clocks on Earth and in space, and are also fundamental for various experimental projects carried out at the participating institutes.

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