Dr. Mark Pottek

Scientific Coordinator "Joint Research Academy"
Cluster of Excellence "Hearing4all"
Dept. Neurosciences, School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Room: W30 0-316
Phone: +49(0)441-798 5479


Hot Topic PhD Seminar

PhD seminar "Hot Topics in Neurosensory Science and Systems"

This seminar provides a platform for the exchange of ideas among the PhD students of the study programme. As you are invited to practice talks and discussions about your research project, the seminar aims at perfecting your skills in communicating science - and even more so by gearing your presentation to the less specialised audience of an interdisciplinary environment.

The seminar takes place monthly during the semester and is one of the few compulsory events of the study programme.

Time: On Fridays (monthly), 10:15-11:00 a.m.

Location: Online

Upcoming appointments:

18 November 2022: Andriana Gialeli (Perinatal Neurobiology, Dept. Human Medicine)
"Studying the cerebrospinal fluid-choroid plexus system in preterm infants with intraventricular haemorrhage"

2 December 2022: Bernhard Eurich (Physiology and Modelling of Auditory Perception, Dept. Medical Physics and Acoustics)
"Binaural Processing: Fast, Sluggish, or Both?"

9 December 2022: Robin Hake (Music Perception and Processing, Dept. Medical Physics and Acoustics)
"Development of an adaptive test of musical scene analysis ability"

16 December 2022: Julia Schütze (Medical Physics, Dept. Medical Physics and Acoustics)
"Comparison of speech intelligibility in a real and virtual living room"

27 January 2023: Chen Xu (Medical Physics, Dept. Medical Physics and Acoustics)
"How does inattention influence the robustness and efficiency of adaptive procedures in the context of psychoacoustic assessments via smartphone?"

For information on the online access please contact the programme coordinator.

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