Dr. Martin Silies
Institute of Physics

Group Ultrafast Nano-Optics


Junior Research Group Martin Silies

Junior Research Group from Martin Silies starts working on ultrafast photonic transistor.

At April, 1st 2015, the Junior Research Group from Martin Silies has started its activity within the Ultrafast Nano-Optics group at the Institute of Physics. The research project will be funded by the Germany Ministry of Education of Science within the program "NanoMatFutur" with 1.2 Million Euro.

Whithin the next four years, Martin Silies and his group members will be working on the interaction of femtosecond light pulses with nanometer-sized, precisely-fabriacted plasmonic nanostructures. Their goal will be the development of an all-optical transistor capable of ultrafast, sub-picosecond switiching.


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