Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe

+49 441 798-4563

A06 3-317


Petra Oetken-Brinkmann

+49 441 798-4964

A06 4-416


Participation in Graduate School

Current Projects

Who should get the vaccine first? How do COVID-19 vaccine allocation regimes affect citizens' global vs. national identities and priority preferences?

The causal effect of service failure and self-declaration on citizen satisfaction and technology acceptance.

2nd Application Phase:
Sub-Project B2 "Need-based justice, group membership and expertise"
(DFG Research Group 2104 "Need-based justice and distribution procedures")

Completed Projects

Niedersächsisches Ministerium für
Wissenschaft und Kultur

Results of Municipal Elections in Lower Saxony from 1996-2017: Development and Application of a new dataset for the empirical study of municipal elections

Political supervision of the ministerial bureaucracy from the Principal-Agent perspective. Institutional design, formal modeling, and experimental review. (Politische Aufsicht der Ministerialbürokratie aus Sicht der Prinzipal-Agenten-Theorie. Institutionelle Gestaltung, formale Modellierungund laborexperimentelle Überprüfung)

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