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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

  • Adrian Grimm, PPRE 2018-20

PPRE-Graduate won regional price for his MSc-thesis

In 2020, PPRE-alumni Adrian Grimm (PPRE 18/20) applied for 'Schlaue-Köpfe-Weser-Ems'-award with his MSc-thesis titled "Deduction of Emissions-, Exergy- and Price-Optimised Control Strategies for a Sector-Coupled District Energy System", which he carried out at the research group of energy management within the DLR-VE in Oldenburg. Today, he is working at IPN in Kiel in energy education in a learning progression analytics project ( on the topic of responsibility.

The Strategierat Energie Weser-Ems awards prizes to groundbreaking theses on key topics in the energy industry from the northwest: "Exciting and novel topics, ideas and business models will determine the energy system of the future, contribute to increasing acceptance or show how the system and society of the future must be designed in order to further advance the energy transition as a whole, but also the Weser-Ems region as a key region. Knowledge networking and transfer from the colleges and universities are of great importance here, because the energy transition is a task for generations and it requires the continuous bundling of all forces in order to implement it successfully," emphasizes the Chairman of the Strategy Council Energy Weser-Ems, Oldenburg's Lord Mayor Jürgen Krogmann.

In 2020 only 10 complete applications were registered, so chances for future applications to be awarded up to 1500€ are pretty good!
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