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Apü üya Wüin, the technology to provide safe water to a community in La Guajira-Colombia.

Engineers win the Innovate for Impact challenge by Engineering for change, with a solar desalinator along with a strategy for the social appropriation of the technology, that will be implemented in la Guajira-Colombia. 
Mónica Guitierrez, Colombia (PPRE 2015-17), lecturer/researcher at Central…

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Scenarios for the Energy Transition: Global experience and best practice

Around the world, scenarios are used by planners, policy makers and investors to guide the clean energy transition. My latest work at IRENA takes stock of global experience and best practices in scenario-building. Over 50 examples from 20 countries are shown in this publication on how countries are…

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Obituary - Stefanie Usbeck

Steffi Usbeck, Germany (PPRE 1990-91) died after a serious illness of many years on 7. June 2020 in Oldenburg at the age of only 56. We are deeply moved and in thought with her family, her son and her sisters.

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Retirement after 30years of service at CEB

Palitha L. G. Kariyawasam from Sri Lanka (PPRE 1992-93) retired in April 2020 after 36 years of service at Cylon Electricity Board, the main utility company in Sri Lanka. His last position was General Manager Generation at CEB.

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Methods for the development and testing of polymeric hybrid photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collector for indoor experiments

Erkata Yandri, Indonesia (PPRE 2003-04), who is lecturing in the graduate program of Renewable Energy, Darma Persada University, Jakarta, Indonesia, published an article about polymeric hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) collectors end of last year.

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How heat can be used to store renewable energy

The following article was originally published @The Conversation and the authors are Antoine Koen and Pau Farres Antunez, Spain (EMRE 2010-11), Postdoctoral Researcher in Energy Storage, University of Cambridge, UK.

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