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Transaction-based energy operation impacts on distribution networks

Since 2018, Kristie Küster from Brasil (PPRE 2011/2013) is doing her Phd in Electrical Engineering at Parana Federal University (Brazil). The topic of her research is decentralized energy markets. At the moment she is living in Hamburg with her family and working on her research. Kristie highly…

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Coal-Based Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Vis-à-Vis Renewable Energies in India

As part of his Indo-German joint activities, Mitavachan Hiremath from India (PPRE 2012-14) recently published a paper on "An Integrated Comparative Assessment of Coal-Based Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Vis-à-Vis Renewable Energies in India’s Low Carbon Electricity Transition Scenarios", in…

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Obituary - Kaushal Chhatbar

We are really sorry to inform the PPRE-community, that our beloved Kaushal Chhatbar from India (PPRE 2009-11) died in a car accident back in India at the beginning of June 2021. After joining Suntrace Co. in Hamburg right after his PPRE-studies in Oldenburg, Kaushal returned back to India with his…

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HelioRec's technology was succesfully tested at wave tank

Founder of HelioRec is Polina Vasilenko from Russia, PPRE/EMRE 2016-18. HelioRec's full-scale floating solar prototype was tested during two-week campaign and patented ‘hydro-lock’ ballasting feature was proved.

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“Solar Nepal” – An Initiative of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Laboratory, Kathmandu University

Dr. Sunil Lohani, Nepal (PPRE 2006-08), the lead professor of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Laboratory (RSEL) at Kathmandu University, organized a webinar on 20th July 2021 for the launch of “Solar Nepal Initiative” - a proposition with an aim to promote solar energy research with collaboration…

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"Improvement of Biogas Quality and Quantity for Small-Scale Biogas-Electricity Generation Application in off-Grid Settings: A Field-Based Study"

The paper is written by Mr. Henry Wasajja from Uganda (EMRE 2010-11) and other authors. Henry is presently doing his PhD at Delft University in the Netherlands. The paper could be of interest to those working in the Biogas sector a/o in rural electrification. The study shows that small scale…

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