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Template for Articles to be Submitted

How to be featured in the upcoming PPRE Newsletter

You want to be featured in the upcoming PPRE Newsletter? Write and an e-mail that contains the following information:

  • Title of your story
  • Short teaser
    • 1-2 sentences summarizing the article and including your name, country, PPRE batch
    • If applicable: your present position/occupation, your institution/company
  • Text
    • Regular text or doc-format in any lengths
    • You may include any hyperlinks for further readings and your direct contact at the end your direct contact (e-mail)
  • Cover Picture
    • Every article needs an expressive picture. This can be a picture of you, an event, a project …
    • Requirements: 16:9 picture in landscape format


Title: Guide – How to be featured in the PPRE Newsletter

(Photo Credits: PPRE UOL)
Include a high-resolution picture that describes the article content – Format: 16:9

Teaser: Edu (PPRE Batch xx-xx) from Germany together with his colleague Astrid recently updated the “How-to” page for the PPRE Newsletter.

Here you have space to write your article. You could describe a certain event you attended, interesting news from your work or your research. It is always nice if an article is well structured and expressive.

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