Engineering Physics

FAQ to the current situation

As of now all classes for the study programs "Engineering Physics" will be offered. Further information about the conduct of the classes can be found in StudIP. Any questions, please contact:

There are some financial aids, sorry, but most information is only available in German. If you have questions, contact me:

Information on the coronavirus for members of the university

Information on teaching at the Faculty V - Mathematics and Natural Sciences during the Corona Pandemic

  1. Is it possible to take modules from later semesters so long to maintain a similar workload, and thus reduce heightened workload further down the line?
    1. Yes, it is possible to select higher semester classes. But, select the classes carefully as some modules require the successful completion of "earlier" modules. Please refer to the examination regulations
  2. If so, which modules would you recommend from higher semesters that we are best equipped to do?
    1. this is best to discuss on an individual basis. Please contact us via email and we will either answer via email or set up a video / telephone call for counseling
  3. Will classes be held live, or will they be recorded, or will everything be self-study? If there aren't live classes, this will improve our options as there won't be time clashes.
    1. one of the three options or a combination will be offered. It depends on the class. Information will be available via StudIP.
    2. we are working on a list of all available classes and will present that information as soon as possible
  4. Will all modules be available?
    1. We try our best to offer all modules, but especially modules with practical parts or where students have to be present are unclear at the moment. There is an ongoing discussion about the how and when these modules will take place. A final decision hasn't been made yet.
  5. Why are there still lecture rooms in StudIP?
    1. It's not possible to change this information easily and, but all lecture will not be held as classroom events. Information about the conduct of the classes will be available via StudIP

Welcome to the Website of the study program Engineering Physics

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer offer an international bachelor's programme in Engineering Physics in order to fill the gap between traditional physics and engineering. Since 1998, students in this programme have acquired a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of mathematics and the natural sciences in combination with application oriented engineering, including the skills needed to further develop modern technologies. In laboratory projects, teams work through real world assignments. Many students complete their final project in a technology oriented business or an external research institute.  

The students can specialize in one of three fields of Research to gain a high proficiency. You can find further information by browsing our website.

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