Prof. Dr. Martin Greschner


Neurobiologie des Sehens
Department of Neuroscience
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
26129 Oldenburg




Bachelor - Neurobiologie I 
  Summer semester
  Einführung in die Neurobiologie I
  Themen aus der Neurobiologie I
  Experimente zur Neurobiologie I
  with Prof. Janssen-Bienhold, Klump and Koch

Bachelor - Neurobiologie II - Vision lectures
  Winter semester
  Einführung in die Neuro- und Verhaltensbiologie
  Themen aus Neurobiologie und Verhalten
  with Prof. Hildebrandt, Klump, Köppl and Thiel

Topics for bachelor theses are available.

Master - Biological Foundations of Neuroscience, Background module
  Winter semester, 1st half
  with Dr. Puller and others

Master - Research Techniques in Neuroscience, Background module
  Winter semester, 2nd half
  with Dr. Hartmann, Puller and others

Master - Visual Neuroscience, Background module
  Summer semester, 1st half
  Visual Neuroscience - Anatomy, Visual Neuroscience - Physiology
  with Prof. Dedek, Janssen-Bienhold and Puller

Master - Computational Neuroscience, Background module
Winter semester, 2nd half
  Computational Neuroscience - Introduction
  with Prof. Hildebrandt and Kretzberg

Master - Visual Neuroscience, Research module / Neurobiologie, Vertiefungsmodul
  Summer/Winter semester

Master - Computation in sensory systems, Research module 
  Summer/Winter semester


Topics for master theses are available.

Please check the university's course schedule and Stud.IP for details.

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