Prof. Dr. Martin Greschner
Internationalisation Representative of School VI

International team

Nina Löchte
International Affairs Advisor

Karine von Bochmann
International Affairs Coordinator 

Lisa Hasselbrink
International Affairs Coordinator 

International Affairs

Degree programmes, teaching and research at School VI Medicine and Health Sciences are of an international character. The School also has a number of partnerships with universities and institutes all over the world.

The School’s identity as an international institution is reflected in particular in its cross-border Medical degree programme – the only project of its kind in Europe, which is organised in collaboration with the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

In addition to this cross-border medical training, the Master’s degree programmes in Neurocognitive Psychology and Neuroscience also promote internationalisation at our School. It is also possible to complete structured doctoral programmes entirely in English.

Students and researchers from all over the world learn and work at the School and enjoy – besides the excellent study and research facilities – a lively, welcoming culture. At both the School and departmental level, dedicated contact persons are available to assist with the organisation of guest lectures. Staff members are also available to help Oldenburg students and researchers plan their stays abroad.

The following activities are part of the University of Oldenburg’s Internationalisation Strategy, which promotes internationalisation at all levels of the University. Find out more on the University of Oldenburg’s InfoPortal International.



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