Qualification Programme

The doctoral programme aims to provide academic, interdisciplinary, and methodological support to the doctoral candidates in completing their dissertations. The accompanying qualification programme is designed to facilitate systematic expansion of knowledge and skills of the doctoral candidates, foster professional and personal exchange between the candidates and supervisors within the doctoral programme, and ensure timely completion of the dissertations.

In detail, the following event formats are planned for the qualification of the doctoral candidates within the doctoral programme:

  • Kick-off conference as an introductory event to get to know each other, an interim conference and a final conference jointly organized by the doctoral candidates and faculty members for presenting the results of the doctoral programme,
  • interdisciplinary, methodological, didactic, and career-related workshops offered by the Graduate Academy, the 3GO, and the Center for Higher Education Didactics,
  • regularly held colloquium for doctoral candidates hosted by the Institute of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation,
  • regularly held research colloquium of the doctoral programme involving the participation of faculty members and, if necessary, external speakers for joint discussions on selected terms, theories, subject contents, and methods,
  • self-organized working group of the doctoral candidates within the doctoral programme for peer coaching and shared understanding,
  • annual summer school of the doctoral programme for presenting the current state of individual dissertations and in-depth exploration and discussion of conceptual, theoretical, or methodological aspects of the programme, featuring invitations of national and international speakers,
  • participation in national and/or international conferences,
  • individual counselling and support from the respective supervising faculty members.


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