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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät II - Informatik, Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften
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Research and Scientific Centres

Research and Scientific Centres

Research Centre

Research centres are outstanding interdisciplinary scientific facilities at the University of Oldenburg, and they are established in close coordination with the university’s strategic aims. The research centres at the University of Oldenburg display an interdisciplinary character and correspond to the qualitative and quantitative criteria of a DFG special research area. Due to this exceptional designation, the research centres are an area of excellence and serve to enhance the profile of the university.

The multi-disciplinary research centre for Safety Critical Systems was founded in September 2004 at the University of Oldenburg. This took place with reference to the emergence of the special research area AVACS (Automatic Verification and Analysis of Complex Systems) and the ‘An-Institute’ OFFIS (Oldenburg Research and Development Institute for Information Technology Tools and Systems) out of Information Science, as well as with the participation of the departments of Physics, Psychology, and Law Information Science. This research centre focuses on researching safety applications in the fields of aviation and transport, encompassing many aspects of these fields, especially those that concern the question of automatic verification as derived from AVACS. Additionally, this area concerns itself with the interdependency of man and machine and the legal aspects of safety.

Safety Critical Systems

Governing Regulations of the Research Centre for Safety Critical Systems

Scientific Centres

Scientific centres are scientific facilities that transcend faculties and disciplines at the University of Oldenburg, and are, like the research centres, established in close coordination with the university’s strategic aims. They collaborate with the individual institutes and faculties. Scientific centres promote above all interdisciplinary research and academics in relation to the University’s model, thereby providing a particularly important addition to enhancing the university’s profile. Scientific centres are independent organisations which are set up temporarily or indefinitely and regularly subject to external evaluation. Five scientific centres have been set up with the participation of Faculty II at the University of Oldenburg.

C3L – Centre for Lifelong Learning

COAST – Centre for Environmental and Sustainability research

CENTOS – Oldenburg Centre for Sustainability Economics and Management

ZENARiO – Centre for Sustainable Spatial Development Oldenburg

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

CETRO - Centre for Europeanization and Transnational Regulation Oldenburg

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