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B1/B2/C1 exam FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - B1/B2/C1 Tests

1. Which universities accept the Oldenburg B1/Oldenburg B2/Oldenburg C1 test?

Please note the admission regulations valid for your desired subject, as e.g. English Studies in Oldenburg requires other tests. In principle, the admission regulations of the subjects apply.

If you want to apply to other universities, make sure in good time that the test is accepted there (Enrolment Office, Examinations Office, etc.).

2. What does the test consist of?

All tests, B1, B2 and C1, consist of a listening comprehension, a grammar section, a reading comprehension, a written section and an oral examination. The test lasts 3 hours plus the oral exam, which lasts 15 minutes and usually takes place on the same day in the afternoon.

3. Can I fail the test?

Yes, you have to pass both the written and the oral part of the test.

4. How often is the test offered?

The test is currently offered twice a year, usually at the end of each semester.

5. Can I repeat the test?

You can repeat the test as often as you like. You can repeat the oral part of the test as long as you have passed the written part. We generally offer another session for the oral exam. You cannot repeat the written part alone - if you fail the written part, you have to repeat the whole test, including the oral exam.

6. What does the test cost?

The test costs 40 euros. You have to pay this after you receive the invoice.

7. What happens if i get sick and cannot take the test?

You can deregister from the test up to the respective deregistration date. After that, the full test fee will be due. Please refer to the website of the Language Centre for the registration deadline dates.

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