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Helene-Lange Professorship

We are happy to announced that Oldenburg will welcome two female Professor in the frame of the Helene-Lange Professorship initiative in 2021 and 2022!

Professor Dr. Renate Scheidler, professor of Mathematics, Computer Science at the University of Calgary, Kanada. She will spend the full year 2022 in Oldenburg. Her domain of research is mainly centered in Algebra, with a focus on algebraic number theory, cryptography and  and their applications. She studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cologne, Germany, and did her PhD at the University of Manitoba in Computer Science in 1993. After an assistant and later associate professorship at the University of Delaware, she moved to the University of Calgary in 2001, first as an associate professor and since  2008 as full professor of Mathematics with a cross-appointment to Computer Science.



Professor Dr. Talat Rahman, Pegasus and Distinguished Professor from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA. She will come in total for 3 months. She is a theoretical physicist working on surface phenomena related to magnetism and catalysis. She has indian roots, but grew up in Pakistan where she did her master at the university of Islamabad. She did her PhD at the University in Rochester in 1977. After a psotdoc at the University of California, Irvine she was appointed as a professor at the Kansas State Universityand than at the University of Central Florida. She stepped down from her chair in 2015, but is still scientifically very active. She was awarded with a large number of awards and distinctions. Specifically to be mentioned is the Humboldt prize in 2000.


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