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Compensation for the committee participation for female „Hochschullehrenden” (Professors or researcher with teaching duties)

Compensation for the committee participation for female „Hochschullehrenden” (Professors or researcher with teaching duties): 2000€ pro semester. pdf

Slides for to add to yearly safety meeting about discrimination and sexual harassment

This slides should be used in the safety yearly meetings to discuss issues of discrimination and sexual harassment:

slides pdf

slides ppt

New recommendation for hiring new employees

Guideline against sexualised discrimination and Sexual Violence

Guideline in German

English version

If you need support in the related to sexualized discrimination, you can contact  counselling centre for sexualized discrimination and violence issues.

Maternity protection

Guidebook from Gewerbeaufsichtsamt.

Permission to return to work for pregnant and breastfeeding employees.

If you want to return to your work during special corona restcted access, please follow this procedure:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding employees should contact their responsible officer (see the list below), which will help with the request  to the Dezernat 1.
  • Dezernat 1 contacts the supervisor (of the employee) and asks him/her to complete a risk assessment for the pregnant or breastfeeding employee.
  • This risk assessment is submitted to the company physician (BAD Oldenburg) for an occupational health statement and then to Stabsstelle Arbeitssicherheit (HQ Health & Safety).
  • Until all statements have been submitted, the pregnant or breastfeeding employee is subject to the current general ban on entering the workplace.

Institut für Physik

Petra Rölle (Personalreferentin)
Cedric Meißner (Personalsachbearbeiter)

Institut für Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften
Institut für Chemie

Sabine Porath (Personalreferentin)
Susanne Gayk (Personalsachbearbeiterin)

Institut für Mathematik

Selina Wertenbruch (Personalreferentin)
Keno Stellmann (Personalsachbearbeiter)

Institut für Chemie und Biologie des Meeres
Betriebseinheit für technisch-wissenschaftliche Infrastruktur (BI)

Volker Roth  (Personalreferent)
Heike Gronau (Personalsachbearbeiterin)

Guideline for pregnant employees and students

Maternity leave info for pregnant students: 

    • Contact email 

Maternity leave info for pregnant employes:

  • --> click on Mutterschutz und Mutterschaftsgeld (unfortunatelly only in German).
    • Contact email 

Info about parental benefit

  • -> click on Elterngeld & Elternzeit
    • Contact email 

If you are a PhD student or a postdoc with a scholarship:

  • --> then click on „Promovierende und Post Doc´s mit Stipendium“
    • Contact email 

Other documents to read at Uni Intranet about the pregnancy regulations:

Guidlines: dangers of discrimination and disadvantage during university's special operation

Aktive Rekrutierung – zur Gewinnung von Professorinnen an der Fakultät V der Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

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