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Future Events

Advanced training series for professors, junior professors and postdocs (more info)

Lecture Series:

Biases in the Hiring process 25.03.2021

Gender-equitable talent management 06.04.2021

Intercultural competence 9.9.2021

Language and the third gender 24.11.2021

Appreciative communication 03.12.202



Success through diversity: 12.02. and 12.03.2021
Part I on 12.2. from 9.30-13.30 ONLINE
Part II on 12.3. from 9.30-13.30 ONLINE

Powerful appearance: 13.04.2021 (full day, only for female university lecturers)

Body language and presence in online communication: 27.04.2021 full day

Sensitisation to the topic of gender and diversity: 8.06. and 06.07.2021 both 09.30-13.30h

Team development: 10.09. and 08.10.2021
Part I on 10.9. from 9.30-13.30 if possible in PRESENCE
Part II on 8.10. from 9.30-13.30 ONLINE

Bias Awareness 07.10. and 11.11.2021 each 09.30-13.30h

Writing Retreats

25.03.-27.03.2021 Writing Retreat "local" - We will look for a nice place in Oldenburg e.g. Glaswerk or rooms in the Schloßgarten and write together there - but each of us will sleep in her own bed.

29.9.-3.10.2021 Writing Retreat Langeoog - Fortunately, we have been able to book accommodation for another date and offer you Langeoog as a substitute for Spiekeroog - but unfortunately only in autumn.

For further information or to already announce your interest in the retreat please write an Email to  subject writing retreat


Online - Workshop: Work and Family in Balance, max. 10 participants. Registration is open.


Registration for the 2-days webinar via Registration deadline is 02.02.2021. 

Information about the webinar 


Past Events

Cancelled due to corona:Writing Retreat for female scientists in spring 2021 (08.02. bis 12.02)

In everyday life scientists often have a packed schedule and little time to concentrate on publishing their work. But: The central currency for a successful scientific career are publications and third-party funding applications. In November 2019, the Royal Society of Chemistry in Nature published* that there are still structural hurdles for women scientists to publicise.

Especially female scientists, being more often more involved in committee work and teaching as well as family responsibilities, have very little time to spend on writing publications or proposals. For an academic career, however, these are of enormous importance. 

The writing retreat is a possibility and training for concentrated writing. It is a planned retreat and break from everyday university life. The aim is to provide scientists with an optimal working environment in which to immerse themselves in the individual writing process and to devote themselves effectively to scientific publications, applications and projects.

During the writing retreat we provide an undisturbed atmosphere, offering a fixed daily routine, which nevertheless also takes into account the need for exchange (peer review), recreation, exercise and healthy nutrition, as well as contemplation. 

In addition to the direct text result of the intensive working time, individual writing skills, the establishment of productive work strategies and self-organisation are improved.

More details will be announced soon.
For further information or to already announce your interest in the retreat please write an Email to  subject writing retreat


Influence of Covid-19 on female researchers e.g.:

more details: The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women in science: Challenges and solutions

* doi: 10.1038/d41586-019-03438-y ; Huge study documents gender gap in chemistry publishing;  Analysis finds female-led papers are more likely to be rejected, and less likely to be cited, than those with male corresponding authors. 

Women in Science and Industry (2020)

4th of November, 2020
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The research training group 2226 “Chemical Bond Activation” invites you to participate in the online event Women in Science and Industry 2020. Female speakers from different backgrounds will talk about their career in chemistry-related fields. For more information, registration (everyone is welcome, free of charge) and a short summary on the research topics of the speaker please visit the website:

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