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About us

Evidence-based medicine is subject to specific requirements e. g. in the area of ethics, data protection (special categories of personal data) and other regulatory requirements (e.g. the German drug and medicinal product laws or the Medical Device Regulation). Therefore, we offer dedicated counsel and data management services geared toward meeting these regulations for all members of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The most important goals of our data management services are the setup of data integration infrastructures and the establishment of technical and organisational measures for research data management. Our services include technical and methodological support with an emphasis on the phase of data acquisition and data curation. We consider the whole research data lifecycle in order to foster networking and the quality of the research.

Our research data management services provide advice concerning good scientific practice, good clinical practice, best practices of the TMF (umbrella organization for networked medical research in Germany), the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I), national research data infrastructure (NFDI) and international initiatives such as GO FAIR.

In the area of planning, we primarily offer advice concerning the technical implementation of projects - especially regarding the relevant regulatory requirements. This can also include cost calculation, grant application or the procurement of external service providers. This way complex projects can be set up to be competitive in grant applications.

In the services section, you can find more information on the specific IT support we provide. In the FAQ section and in the glossary, you can find general information and tips on the processing of research data.

We apologise that our web pages are not fully translated yet. Most of the mentioned content is currently only available on the German version of our website.

If you have any questions regarding research data management, please contact us - we are happy to help!

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