Office of the Dean of Studies

+49 (0)441 798-2510

Postal address

Postal address

University of Oldenburg School V - School of Medicine and Health Sciences Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118 26129 Oldenburg

Visitor address

Building V03, 3rd floor, wing M. Ammerländer Heerstraße 138 26129 Oldenburg

Mission Statement Teaching of Faculty VI

School VI educates students in medicine as well as in other degree programmes that belong to the health and life sciences and related natural science disciplines. All these subjects are characterised by the close connection between scientific research and practical application. The aim of the education is therefore to impart both the ability to work scientifically independently and to act professionally in a responsible manner. Accordingly, our teaching includes the training of analytical thinking and empirical research as well as the practice of practical skills and the acquisition of specialist knowledge and judgement. In this way, we introduce students to the independent, critical and self-critical examination of subject-related problems. A broad spectrum of didactic formats is used, ranging from lectures to seminars, exercises and practicals to our own research projects accompanying the studies. The lecturers of School VI support the learning process by designing research- and application-oriented forms of teaching and learning. For us, education always means personality development. It includes the ability to reflect critically and to take responsibility for one's own actions as well as for the social consequences of science. Knowledge is not just an end in itself. The constant development of the personality of teachers and students enables a well-founded examination of the professional problems of professional life and the central challenges of the present. High professional as well as personal demands in teaching at School VI help students on this path.

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