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Feedback and Complaint Management of School VI

In everyday university life, there may be situations in which you feel that you have been treated unfairly. This could concern, for example, the assessment of an examination, the workload for a course or lecturer´s behaviour. In such cases, it is important to give us quick and appropriate feedback. To do so, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

Seek dialogue - avoid escalation

As a first step, we recommend that you talk directly to the person concerned. Many problems can already be resolved at this level. It may be useful to involve another person you trust in such a discussion. This can be, for example, a lecturer or a member of the student council (Fachschaft). The respective student council can also be the first point of contact with whom you can discuss the problem.

If the conversation does not lead anywhere

If the conversation with the person concerned does not lead anywhere, the next step should be to contact the person(s) responsible for the module (indicated in the respective module description). They are in contact with the lecturers of the respective modules and are responsible for the implementation of the courses on the content (and organizational) level. In case of problems with certain courses, they should therefore be the first contact persons (if necessary, involve the coordinator of your study programme).

If your complaint refers to the behavior of a lecturer (e.g. availability of the lecturer, behaviour of the lecturer in a consultation hour, in a course or as a supervisor of a thesis, etc.), please first contact the coordinator of your study program (see homepage of your study programme).

If your concern cannot be resolved via the person responsible for the module and/or coordinator, or if you have the impression that you have suffered disadvantages as a result of your complaint, please contact the feedback and complaint management or the of Schhol VI directly.

You are also welcome to contact the feedback and complaint management directly at any time with complaints in the area of study and teaching in School VI in order to discuss possible solution.

Of course, your concern will be treated confidentially by the contact persons. This means that, if you wish, your name will not be passed on to other persons involved in the conflict. However, you must disclose your name to the contact person; anonymous complaints will not be processed.

If you feel sexually harassed or discriminated against because of your sexual orientation, gender or in any other way in connection with your studies

Please contact the counselling centre for questions regarding sexualised discrimination and violence at the University of Oldenburg (conTakt) or the equal opportunities officers of the faculty directly.

In the case of complaints that lie outside the area of responsibility of School VI, please contact the relevant complaints office directly. An overview of all complaint offices at the University of Oldenburg can be found here.

Do you have ideas or suggestions for improvement in the area of study and teaching at School VI Medicine and Health Sciences ? You can use the following contact form to send us your ideas, tips, praise or criticism directly.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Feedback! We look forward to your feedback!


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