Duties of the Senate (section 41 NHG)

The Senate determines the university regulations, insofar as this Act or the university statutes do not allocate this responsibility to the Faculty or another body. It may determine examination regulations for interfaculty degree programmes. It determines the statutes and amendments to the statues with a majority of two thirds of its members. The statutes and amendments to the statutes require approval.

The Senate determines the development plan in accordance with section 1, paragraph 3(2), which is the basis for the agreement on objectives, as well as the equal opportunities plan with concrete targets and schedules in agreement with the presidential chair. It issues an opinion on all matters of self-administration which are of fundamental importance, particularly concerning the establishment, alteration or discontinuation of faculties, as well as the introduction of, substantial change to or discontinuation of study programmes. The Presidential Chair is accountable in its decision-making competences to the Senate in all matters of self-administration. This particularly concerns measures as referred to in section 17, paragraph 2(1).

The Senate has a comprehensive right to information in respect of the Presidential Chair. It must be given the opportunity to issue an opinion in good time before a decision is taken about the budget and before conclusion of an agreement on objectives.

The Senate has 13 members with a right to vote. In accordance with the statutes, the Senate in a university may have:
1. up to 19 members with a right to vote when it has up to 100 posts for professorships,

2. up to 25 members with a right to vote when it has 101 to 200 posts for professorships,

3. up to 31 members with a right to vote when it has more than 200 posts for professorships.

The members with a right to vote are elected directly on the basis of groups.
The Senate includes one member of the personnel representation with an advisory vote. The President acts as chair, without the right to vote. Regarding decisions on matters concerning the assessment of teaching, votes of members of the student group count twice; in such cases, members of the MTV group do not have a right to vote.

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