Research emphases

In casuistic research on teaching, works on performance of teaching processes developed (How to Teach Movement Games, 1986; (with Kh. Scherler): To Teach Sports, 1995; narrative didactics?, 1997).

This setting of priorities results from the context of the comprehensive approach of professionalization through case work (compare Schierz & Thiele, 2002; Schierz/Thiele & Fischer, 2006). In the focus of reflection and development of qualitative methods in research of teaching are the fundamental idea, the approach and the practice of research of the documentary method (Miethling/Schierz, 2008).

In the area of research on school sports development in the context of ethnographical studies school sports portraits as instruments of school sports development came into being (compare Hummel & Schierz, 2006). On the one hand currently the interest of this emphasis is directed towards the ambivalent consequences of “qualitative development of school sports” under the frame works of neo-liberal reforms and practices (compare Schierz & Thiele, 2005). Then again the new regulations of the boundary between sports and school sports in all-day school and in changing matching of school learning determinants between heterogenic movement biographies of pupils and traditional concepts in school sports is of interest.

In the area of research of learning location cooperation case studies develop on the handling of paradoxes in the compound system school-competitive sports, the matching relation of milieu and school for particularly talented in sports and for the individual clarification and processing of development aims, and – tasks in learning biographies of (competitive) athletic talents. The emphasis is supplemented through accompanying studies on lesson developments in the opportunity structures of sport emphasized schools as well as in elite schools for sports.

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