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Netiquette for requests by e-mail [pdf]

For personal enquiries please have your student ID or application number ready on hand.

Application deadline Bachelor's programmes

For international applicants only

Applicants who need to attend the preparatory German language course or have to enter the Studienkolleg before beginning their studies are generally considered to have applied by 15.07. or 15.01. respectively.

Please choose below the type of your university entrance qualification.

  • Z = Admission limit
  • B = Special admission requirements
Subject Winter semester 2023/2024Summer semester 2024
ZBBeginning studentsTransferring studentsZBBeginning studentsTransferring students
BiologyZ15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23Z- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
Business Administration and LawZB15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23ZB- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
Business Administration (extra-occupational)B01.06.2315.09.2301.06.2315.09.23B15.12.2315.02.2415.12.2315.02.24
Business InformaticsZB15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23ZB- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
Chemistry16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Comparative and European LawZB15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23ZB- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
Computing ScienceB16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23B- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Economics and Business AdministrationZB15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23ZB- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
EducationZ15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23Z- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
Engineering PhysicsB16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23B- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Environmental ScienceZ15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23Z- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
Mathematics16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Pedagogic acting in migration societyB- not possible -16.07.2315.10.23B- not possible -- not possible -
Physics16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Physics, Engineering and MedicineB16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23B- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Social Studies16.07.2315.10.2316.07.2315.10.23- not possible -16.01.2415.04.24
Sustainability EconomicsZB15.05.2315.07.2315.05.2315.07.23ZB- not possible -15.12.2315.01.24
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