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Advisors for international students (International Office)

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International students - application

International applicants must follow other procedures than German applicants.

If you have an international university entrance qualification ("HZB") or a first university degree from outside of Germany, most applications are handled by the service organisation "uni-assist e.V.", which cooperates with our admissions office:

Studying for degree seekings - application through uni-assist

Application through uni-assist

All applicants who received their prior education abroad should apply online through uni-assist.

This category includes:

  • International students
  • EU students
  • Students affiliated with a programme (e.g. DAAD scholarship recipients)
  • Germans who received their prior education abroad


  • China and Vietnam: True copies by the German embassy have to be submitted by mail. Original APS Certificate has to be submitted as well.

Application directly to the University of Oldenburg

The following groups, who may apply directly to the university:

  • Students who received their prior education in Germany (with German educational credentials enabling direct entry to higher education or a German university degree)
  • Applicants for the programme European Master in Renewable Energy as well as ERASMUS-Mundus programmes (EMMIR, EWEM).
For detailed step-by-step information on the application process, please first select the degree you are applying for:

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