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Fr 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Service hours

Student Service Centre – A12

Mo, We, Th  9.30 am to 2.00 pm

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Netiquette for requests by e-mail [pdf]

For personal enquiries please have your student ID or application number ready on hand.

Application deadlines

Each individual degree programme has a specific application deadline. To find more information, please click on the degree choice below.

Postgraduate degree programmes

Contrary to the announced application deadlines, applicants for open-admission Master’s degree programmes (NOT Master of Education) are strongly recommended to submit their applications as early as possible before 15 July for the Winter semester and before 15 January for the Summer semester.

If the supporting documents are submitted after these dates but before the standard application deadlines (30 September and 31 March), your application can only be processed at the start of the lecture period in the new semester.

Applications take approximately 5 weeks (+ 4 weeks if you apply through uni-assist) to be processed by the Admissions Office and the admissions committee until the official letter is drawn up and copies of your student records are made. Therefor a late application may result in the following problems: 

  • Registration for course units: You will only have access to Stud.IP once you have successfully enrolled as a student at the university, which means you will not be able to register for your preferred modules in time.
  • BAföG: To process your application, BAföG requires confirmation that you are enrolled in the Master’s degree programme. However, you only receive the relevant attestation once you have successfully enrolled at the University.
  • Accommodation: To be eligible to the inexpensive dormitories of the Studentenwerk Oldenburg you need to be enrolled at the university.

Doctoral programmes

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