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Further information

Using the CampusCard in the library

Information on the CampusCard for employees

The Senat of the university decided on December 12th, 2018 about the CampusCard. All details are mentioned in the Regulations of CampusCard [pdf].

CampusCard for students

At the University of Oldenburg, the CampusCard is issued to students as a student identity card and semester ticket. The CampusCard can also be used as a means of payment at the Studentenwerk cash desks.

The CampusCard is mailed to students after they have enrolled. Fully functional, the card is sent to the address provided.

In the following semesters, the card must be validated every six months after re-registration. Once they have successfully re-registered, students will receive an e-mail asking them to validate the card. By validating the card, the validity date of the student ID card and the semester ticket on the card will be extended.

Issuing of the CampusCard

How do I get the CampusCard?

You will automatically receive your initial card by post.

In exceptional cases, you may also pick up your card directly at the Admissions Office. If you require a replacement card because you lost your card or it is damaged, it is available for a charge of 15 EUR. To apply for a replacement card, select Apply for replacement card from the CampusCard menu in Stud.IP.

When will the CampusCard start to be valid?

Your initial card will come fully labelled and validated. It will be valid for the semester following its date of issue.

In the subsequent semesters, you will need to validate the card using the special machines provided after you have re-registered successfully. You will be notified via email as soon as your student master record has been updated, allowing you to validate the card. The validation extends the end date of the validity periods by the coming semester. The card can therefore be used throughout the whole process.


Will I get a new CampusCard each semester?

No, you will keep your CampusCard for as long as you study at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg. In order to update the CampusCard with the period of validity after you re-registered successfully, you need to validate the card yourself.  

Are there other certificates that the university will mail me automatically?

No. No other certificates are sent by post.

To generate and print enrolment certificates or BAföG certificates in Stud.IP, simply select Degree programme > My studies > My Studies (on the left side). These certificates include a verification code which recipients (e.g. BAföG office, health insurance) can use to check their authenticity.

What does the CampusCard cost?

Your initial CampusCard is free, and you will normally receive it by post. If you enrol only after the semester has started, you can also pick up your card at the SSC (Student Service Center).

Replacement card

If a replacement card has to be produced (e.g. because the card is lost or damaged), a fee of 15 EUR will be charged.  This does not apply to technical defects you are not responsible for or to name changes.

To apply for a replacement card, select order a new CampusCard in My Profile > CampusCard in Stud.IP. Payment can only be made via SEPA debit (fast card production) or by bank transfer (card production after receipt of payment). You cannot pay cash. The finance department is currently investigating options for payment by credit card.

What happens when I deregister?

If you request to be exmatriculated during the semester, the CampusCard must be submitted to the Admissions Office so they can erase the semester information from the card.

If there is still credit on your CampusCard, you can have it refunded by Studentenwerk one month after deregistering. This is possible at the cash desks in the cafeteria and in the CaféBars. 

If the card is defective or if you have further questions regarding the payment of the remaining balance, please contact the Studentenwerk by e-mail.


Where can I validate my CampusCard?

Validators are available at the following places:

Please note the different opening hours of each building!

Picture and data on the campuscard

What data is on the CampusCard?

The following information is printed/stored on the CampusCard:

Visible information (February 14, 2019)

  • Description (“Student ID”)
  • First name, surname, name affixes, if any
  • Registration number
  • Photo you uploaded for the CampusCard
  • Student ID / period of validity
  • Semester ticket / period of validity
  • Logos for services you can use with the card
  • Library card number / barcode
  • Card serial number

Information that can be read out electronically (February 14, 2019)

  • Card serial number
  • Type of person code (e.g. student)
  • Student ID / period of validity
  • Library number
  • Locker access authorisation (electronic key)
  • Wallet for the "student” group of individuals

The data is configured in such a way as to ensure only the data can be accessed that is required for the function used. For example, Studentenwerk employees will not know who loaded how much money on his or her card. They only know the amount of funds available on each card. They will also not know who paid for which services.


The photo you uploaded to Stud.IP for the CampusCard is only required for producing the CampusCard. You can delete it again after you have received your card. If you require a replacement card, you will then need to upload a new photo. The photo you uploaded is only used for producing the CampusCard.

The profile photo in Stud.IP will be uploaded to your profile separately and may be different from that used for the CampusCard.

Please note also the following items:

Time requirements for uploading a photo

Technical requirements for the photo

Technical requirements for the photo

To upload a photo, go to My Profile > CampusCards in Stud.IP.

  • Scaling and section:
    When uploading the photo, you have the option of specifying an image section. The photo is typically scaled to the required size automatically. Very low resolution photos or photos with too much zoom will not be accepted.
  • Colour: coloured or black-and-white
  • Background: as neutral as possible
  • File format: jpg, jpeg, png
  • Picture: up-to-date, face recognisable, suitable for identification 
  • A biometric photo is not required.

There are no restrictions regarding the content of the photo except you must be recognisable to ensure the transport company accepts the CampusCard and you would then have to request a replacement card for a charge.

What are the time requirements for uploading a photo?

If you do not upload a photo, your CampusCard will be printed without one. This means the transport company will not accept your CampusCard as a semester public transport pass.

You can upload or delete your photo at any time in Stud.IP by selecting the CampusCard menu item. It’s important that you upload a photo before the card is printed.

If you fail to upload your photo, a replacement card will have to be produced. The replacement card is available for a charge of 15 EUR.

Students can also upload a photo for the CampusCard when enroling. We recommend that you use this option so that CampusCard printing can be initiated as soon as possible after you have enrolled. If you do not use this opportunity, CampusCard printing will only be initiated when you confirm that you want a CampusCard without a photo.

Functions and use of the CampusCard

What the CampusCard does

The CampusCard will replace the paper IDs in use up to now. It integrates all the key functions you need on campus.

  • Student ID
  • Semester public transport pass
  • For using the library card please note the details
  • Studentenwerk payment feature, library payment feature (all fees and charges, incl. printing / copying)
  • Printing / copying in the library
  • Locking functionality for lockers and wardrobes

Using the CampusCard as a public transport pass

To ensure a local transport company accepts the CampusCard as a valid ticket, it must have your photo on it.

For more information about validity and the scope of the semester public transport pass, see the AStA website. (only in German)

How do I use the CampusCard for the lockers at the university?

The CampusCard must be activated once at a terminal at one of the locker locations. After that, the CampusCard can be used for all locker locations.

The lockers may not be used overnight. The wardrobe lockers therefore usually lock automatically at the end of the opening hours of the buildings and are only released the following opening day by the staff on site for a fee of 5 EUR.

Please observe the applicable terms of use and pay attention to your valuables.

No liability will be assumed by the university.

Paying with the CampusCard

How do I pay with the card?

Simply hold the CampusCard in front of a reader. The amount due will then be charged to the chip on the CampusCard wirelessly.

You will still be able to pay cash at the checkouts of the Studentenwerk as well.

The payment transactions in the library only work electronically.

How can I “charge” the card?

You can add funds to your card at any charging machine operated by Studentenwerk Oldenburg (including at Jade Hochschule). There is one charging machine in each Mensa area at the University of Oldenburg.

Charging is also possible at the cash point of any cafeteria operated by Studentenwerk Oldenburg but not at the cash points of the canteens.

I get an error message when I try to pay with the CampusCard or recharge it

The payment function of the CampusCard is administered by the Studentenwerk Oldenburg. If you have any problems, please contact the Studentenwerk directly:

+49 (0)441 - 798-2709

Defect or loss of the CampusCard

What happens if I lose my CampusCard?

If your CampusCard is lost or stolen, please immediately notify

  • the service desk at +49 (0)441 798-5555 or
  • use the card locking feature in Stud.IP under the menu My Profile > CampusCard 

Request a new card if necessary. As soon as the new card has been produced, you will be notified via email. If you have specified that you will pick up the card personally at the SSC, bring an ID card or a proxy.

The existing card will then be blocked for all systems.

If a card is found and still works, it can be unlocked so you can continue to use it, unless you already requested a replacement card.

The University of Oldenburg cannot be held liable if you lose your CampusCard. 

My CampusCard is defective or my details have changed. What do I need to do?

In the case of a technical defect, please request a new card at the Service Desk in the library. If the defect is acknowledged and not due to any improper handling of the card, you will receive a new card free of charge.

If your name changed, please contact the Student Service Center (SSC). In this case, you will also receive a new card free of charge.

How do I request a replacement card?

At any time you can request a replacement card for a charge of 15 EUR (direct dibet). For this, go to My Profile > CampusCard in Stud.IP. You must first block your card and then order the new card for a charge. Before you do so, you should have any credit on the old card paid out at one of the cafeterias of the Studentenwerk. After the card has been locked, you will no longer be entitled to the payment of the balance.

If the card is defective or there are further questions regarding the payment of the remaining balance, please contact the Studentenwerk by e-mail.

As soon as the new card has been produced, you will be notified via email. If you have specified that you will pick up the card personally at the Student Service Centre (SSC), bring an ID card or a proxy.

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