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People who need support because of the armed conflict in Ukraine can contact the Welcome Service at the International Office.


The University of Oldenburg is deeply shocked by the war in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian population, our partner university - the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv - and our students and employees with Ukrainian citizenship. On this page you will find current information from the university and further links.

The picture shows the Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. A Ukrainian flag and a flag of the European Union wave in front of the building.
Ukraine Top News History

“This war is a turning point in history”

Malte Rolf is a professor of Eastern European History. In this interview he talks about the historical roots and significance of Russia’s war against Ukraine and how Germany’s view of Eastern Europe has changed.

The Orthodox St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
Research Ukraine Top News Theology

How the Russian Orthodox Church legitimises the war

What is the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the religious legitimation of Russia’s war against Ukraine? Theologist Joachim Willems presents an analysis from a theological and religious studies perspective in his guest article.

Das Foto zeigt die beiden Studentinnen auf dem Uni-Campus, Annika Bondzio links, daneben Ann-Christin Elsmann.
Ukraine Campus Life Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches Special Needs Education

Special assignment in Oldenburg's classrooms

Many schools in Germany have begun teaching children and youths who have fled the war in Ukraine. In Oldenburg, students from the University's Department of Special Needs Education are volunteering to help respond to their needs.

Aerial view looking over the roof of the university building with statues of three river goddesses onto an autumnal park, where the statue of Ivan Franko also stands.
Ukraine Top News German Studies

„We are witness to an epochal shift“

Culture has long been seen as a unifying force among peoples. The war in Ukraine has destroyed this certainty, says Germanist Silke Pasewalck. Here, she talks about how even the great Russian authors are now being reassessed.

An extract, readable only in parts, from an English-language dictionary defining the Ukrainian language.
Ukraine Top News Slavic Studies

Ukraine and Russia: really "one people"?

Gerd Hentschel, a Slavicist at the University of Oldenburg, provides insights on Ukrainian identity. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 he has studied the self-identity of the Ukrainian population – in particular in relation to Russia.

The Ukrainian capital's most famous landmark, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.
Ukraine Top News History

"Courage that inspires hope"

The world is watching the war in Ukraine. Historian Hans-Christian Petersen knows its background as well as people in Ukraine. An interview about powerlessness and hope, about the post-Soviet community in Germany and its "eastern heritage".

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University puts its ties to Russia on hold

The University of Oldenburg is freezing its academic and research cooperation with Russian scientific institutions. The Presidential Board has taken this decision in view of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which is a clear violation of international law.

Ukrainian Flag
Ukraine Top News International affairs

Solidarity with Ukraine

The Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is deeply shocked by the war in Ukraine and expresses its solidarity.

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