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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bitzer


Anneg04ret Kock (annegrettatb.kock@uol.4md8rdezleyw)

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The Department of Economics belongs to the strongst research departments of economics in Germany. Measured by quality-adjusted publishing per professor Oldenburg ranks third in Germany. We are among the first 3.7% in Europe. (Source: P.-P. Combes & Linnemer, Where are the Economists Who Publish?, Journal of the European Economic Association 1 (2003), 1250-1308 (Table 12). [Download]

Major research topics

- "Umweltgüter und natürliche Ressourcen"

- Taxation, Distribution, Welfare

- "Regulierungsökonomie und Infrastrukturpolitik"

- Transformation processes in emerging economies

- Developments and comparisons of macroeconomic theories

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